Bruchim Habaim - Welcome to The United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong's home on the World Wide Web! As a truly international congregation situated on the very edge of the Jewish world, we are always proud and happy to welcome visitors and new members alike who come to share in the unique spirit and sense of community that characterises Asia's leading Jewish congregation.

As a community comprised mostly of ex-patriates from other lands, the UJC was really founded on the principle of Hachnasat Orchim - hospitality. The UJC is the Jewish home away from home for all of our members, and therefore provides not only all the services and programs of a conventional shul, but also meets many of the needs of extended family for those who are so far away from their own.

Our weekly community Shabbat dinners, gala holiday celebrations, educational programs, and strong network of communal support highlight the importance of the congregation in the lives of our members. And for those of you who are just visiting for a few days, you will find the same sense of welcome and care extended without exception.

Jewish travellers to Hong Kong never forget their visit to the UJC. So please be sure to join us when you are in Hong Kong, for a few days, or a few years. You will always receive a warm welcome at The United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong.

If you would like to know more about the UJC or will be passing through Hong Kong, please contact Nancy or Charlene at the UJC office at (+852) 2523 2985.


















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