1999 was a watershed year for the congregation as the UJC inaugurated its own Hebrew and Religious School. The UJC's Shorashim School offers classes for students of all ages, from pre-Kindergarten through post-Bar/Bat Mitzvah. The word "shorashim" is Hebrew for "roots," a fitting symbol for a school trying to give its children a sense of their religious identity, something that is very important in a place like Hong Kong.


Shorashim is the only congregational school in Hong Kong (and maybe even in Southeast Asia). We've purposely said "congregational" rather than "supplementary" school because what we do at Shorashim isn't supplemental - it is core learning. We strive to do more than teach about Judaism, we strive to provide opportunities for experiencing Jewish living and we do so within the context of the UJC and Hong Kong's Jewish community.

We are fortunate to have teachers and staff of the highest calibre with a wealth of varied international experience. Our specialist staff and teachers cater for our children from the tender age of 4 years to high school, providing an age appropriate and stimulating Progressive Jewish Education.


Shorashim is for children age 4 to grade 8, covering history and social studies, holidays and ceremonies, Hebrew and prayer, ethics and values, and Torah. School-wide programming, grade level activities, and family and congregational events are part of the Shorashim experience. Students in grades K-8 attend on Sundays, from 9:30am - 12:30pm.


Religious education at UJC doesn't end with becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Our High School students continue to be involved with learning as well as with serving as madrikhim ("guides" or teacher's aides) for the lower grades.


Watch for lots of fun, innovative and exciting opportunities for family and congregational involvement in Shorashim activities and programs! Our students will experience Jewish living and learning as members of, and in partnership with, our entire congregation and community.

The most important aspect of the development of a Jewish way of life is when it involves the whole family. In all aspects of our program we ask for parents to be involved and welcome suggestions and contributions.


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If you have any questions about Shorashim, please contact Rabbi Martha Bergadine, the School Administrator, (tel: 2523-2985).


The Shorashim programme on Sunday morning encourages parents to join their children for the morning assembly and prayer service.

Following the assembly, parents are invited to stay on for a ½ hour discussion with the Rabbi on a subject of interest related to "teaching our children" to be young Jews and passing on our Jewish identity to our kids.

This informal educational group meets on Shorashim Sundays and is open to all parents and friends of Shorashim and the UJC.

A little taste of Bagels and cream cheese always warm the hearts of our people.

Registration is not required. Just come!


Classes within Shorashim and with the Rabbi.



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