The UJC takes pride in its role as a catalyst for the current renaissance of the Jewish community of Hong Kong and throughout Asia. We firmly believe that, with our dynamic leadership and broad-based support, the Congregation will continue to flourish and be a leading light in this great city and throughout Asia.

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We welcome men and women of all nationalities who were born of a Jewish mother or father, became or are in the process of becoming Jewish by conversion, or have a husband, wife, or close companion who is Jewish.

To join, please fill out our membership form and we will get right back to you.


IM: Individual Membership designates an individual adult member without children, or an adult with children who do not reside with that parent in Hong Kong.

FM: Family Membership includes two adult members with children, two adult members without children, or an adult with children residing with that parent in Hong Kong.

AM: Associate Membership designates non-Jewish husbands, wives or close companions of Jewish members and those who intend to become Jewish. Associate Members are entitled to all rights and privileges of full members except for voting at UJC gerneral meetings.

NR: Non-Resident Membership designates members who do not maintain a residence in Hong Kong.



Annual dues are valid for one year (July 1st to June 30th). All memberships are renewed effective July 1st. Members joining after March will pay a pro rata rate.


Category Annual Dues
IM HK$9,300
FM HK$15,100
AM HK$9,300
NR HK$3,200
Note: Reduced rate available upon special request for single professionals under 35 years of age.
Fair Share Donation

Please seriously consider making a Fair Share donation of at least HK$6,500 in addition to your dues commitment. Membership dues cover only part of our expenses. We must fundraise every year to maintain the high quality of our programming. If every member of the UJC family gave the Fair Share donation of HK$$6,500 we would not need to come back to you with additional fundraising appeals. Of course, donations in addition to dues in any amount are greatly appreciated. Please do your part to strengthen the UJC.

To join, please fill out our membership form and we will get right back to you.










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