The United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong (UJC) was founded in 1988 "to advocate the cause of Reform, Liberal, Conservative, and other non-Orthodox Jews in Hong Kong" and to encourage their participation in Jewish life to the fullest. We are a warm, welcoming, vibrant congregation, with adults and children actively engaged in all aspects of the community

"Talmud Torah Ki Neged Kulam: The study of Torah is equal to all of the commandments for it leads to all of them!"

Please find below a listing of course offerings:

For a listing of all current UJC functions, classes and services, please bookmark our continuously updated Weekly Events page or our Shabbat Shalom page.



Rabbi Zamek’s Classes

This is the continuation of the Introduction to Judaism series. A course for those new to Jewish life and a great refresher for those who want to study the basics at a sophisticated level. New students welcome.

Dates: Tuesdays, March 11, 18, April 8, May 20, June 17, 24
at 7:00PM, in the UJC Sanctuary

**Participants should obtain the following books:
"Jewish Living" by Mark Washofsky, and
"These Are The Words"
by Arthur Green

(The books are available at

More details here.

Course Fee (for all classes) :
UJC Members - No Charge
Non-UJC Members - HK$150 per session

To Register or for more information, please contact Nancy or Charlene at The UJC office.


Announcing Sh'nat HaTaNaKH - The Year of the Bible
A program of the UJC Academy of Adult Learning

Here’s how to be part of this exciting year-long celebration of the Hebrew Bible.

1. Get any one of the following editions of the TaNaKH
* The Jewish Bible: Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures -- The New JPS Translation
ISBN: 0-8276-0252-9 or 0-8276-0264-2 (available in hardcover, paperback and Kindle format.)

* The JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh
ISBN: 0-8276-0697-4 or 0-8276-0656-7 (available in hardcover and paperback format.)

* The Jewish Study Bible: featuring The Jewish Publication Society TANAKH Translation (Bible Hebrew)
ISBN: 0195297547 or 978-0195297546 (available in hardcover and paperback format.)

2. Get a copy of How to Read the Bible by Marc Tziv Brettler
-- the book we will be reading for the One Congregation, One Book project this year
ISBN: 0-8276-0775x or 978-0-8276-0775-0 (available in hardcover and Kindle format.)

Begin reading on or before 1st November 2012.

Note: There is a version of this book entitled: How to Read the Jewish Bible. It is the same text and can be used for One Congregation, One Book.
ISBN: 978-0-19-532522-5 (available in paperback and Kindle format.)

3. Register for Sh’nat HaTaNaKH classes. Click here to download the chedule of the first set of class.
Email the UJC office to register for either the evening or lunctime classes.

Join us. Let’s make 5773 the Year of the Bible. Be a part of Sh’nat HaTaNaKH.



A community reading of Rabbi Moshe Hayyim Luzzatto’s classic ethical work Mesillat Yesharim (The Path of the Just)

Mussar works like Mesillat Yesharim are the original Jewish “self-help” books. Luzzatto aims to help us improve ourselves through the cultivation of middot, the key character traits that lead to a good and holy life. We will read this text slowly in order to absorb Luzzatto’s profound message. We will meet frequently to discuss the questions and insights that arise from our individual study.

Be part of One Congregation/One Book this year as we tackle a primary religious text for the first time. Becoming part of this important project is simple. All you need to do is:

1. Register with the UJC office as a participant in One Congregation/One Book.

2. Get yourself a copy of Mesillat Yesharim (Click here to see the information on the various editions).

3. Join any one of the following orientation sessions:

Sunday, 6th October at 10:15am in the UJC Sanctuary
Tuesday, 8th October at 8:15pm in the UJC Sanctuary
Wednesday, 16th October at 12:30pm in Charles Monat’s office in Central
Tuesday, 22nd October at 8:15pm in the UJC Sanctuary

4. Begin your reading. Read a short section every day. Our aim will be to conclude our reading on Shavuot of this year.

5. Over the course of the programmatic year, come to discussion sessions to ask questions and delve deeper into the text. The schedule of these sessions will be announced after the last orientation session.

6. At any time during the year, set up a time to come and talk with me about Mesillat Yesharim.

This is not a book we simply read. This is a book that draws us into its world and shapes us. Let’s walk this path together.

Register NOW!!

More details here.

The next Check-In session is scheduled on Sunday, 30th March at 10am in the UJC Sanctuary. Please click here to download the Reading Schedule and all the Check-In Dates.


An association dedicated to deepening the life of the spirit.

Participants in this chavraya, this gathering of spiritual colleagues, will provide support and guidance for one another in the critical work of caring for the soul. Our aim will be to create a quiet space in this noisy world for prayer, contemplation, and the cultivation of essential middot. Our work will be informed by the program of spiritual development outlined by Rabbi Kalonymus Kalman Shapira in his book B’nai Machshava Tova, available in a translation entitled Conscious Community. (See details below)

This is a group for those willing to make an extra investment in their spiritual life and who are looking for the companionship of fellow seekers.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, 17th April at 7:30pm in the UJC Sanctuary.

If you are interested in Chavraya, please register with the UJC office.

You will also need to obtain a copy of Conscious Community (Kalonymus Kalman Shapira, trans. Andrea Cohen-Kiener, Kindle or print edition). Or try this downloadable translation by Yaacov Dovid Shulman.

For a listing of all current UJC functions, classes and services, please bookmark our continuously updated Shabbat Shalom page.







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