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The United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong (UJC) was founded in 1988 "to advocate the cause of Reform, Liberal, Conservative, and other non-Orthodox Jews in Hong Kong" and to encourage their participation in Jewish life to the fullest. We are a warm, welcoming, vibrant congregation, with adults and children actively engaged in all aspects of the community

"Talmud Torah Ki Neged Kulam: The study of Torah is equal to all of the commandments for it leads to all of them!"

Please find below a listing of course offerings:

For a listing of all current UJC functions, classes and services, please bookmark our continuously updated Weekly Events page or our Shabbat Shalom page.




Introduction to Judaism Cycle II - The Jewish Life Cycle
This is the continuation of the Introduction to Judaism series. A course for those new to Jewish life and a great refresher for those who want to study the basics at a sophisticated level.

Next sessions: Tuesdays, May 31, June 21 (Note New Schedule!!)
at 7:00PM, in the UJC Sanctuary

**Participants should obtain the following books:
"Jewish Living" by Mark Washofsky, and
"These Are The Words"
by Arthur Green

(The books are available at

Course Fee (for all classes) :
UJC Members - No Charge
Non-UJC Members - HK$150 per session

To Register or for more information, please contact Nancy or Charlene at The UJC office.

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Our community reading of The Story of the Jews is almost complete! See below for the suggested reading schedules.

Suggested Reading Schedule
May 22—28: Chapter 9
May 29—June 4: Chapter 9
June 5—11: Chapter 9 (Siyyum at Tikkun Leil Shavuot at 8:30pm on Saturday, June 11, 2016.)

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Our year-long series on Progressive Halacha is coming to an end.

More than anything else, Jewish tradition is a conversation. Thanks for being part of it.

Final Session
May 31 - Tuesday at 8:15pm in the UJC Sanctuary (Note New Date)
** Should we give it back? - "Dirty money" donated to Tzedakkah.

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For a listing of all current UJC functions, classes and services, please bookmark our continuously updated Shabbat Shalom page.




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